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    About me

    Miroslava zaharieva

    Miroslava Zaharieva

    Born on May 6th 1982 at Sofia, Bulgaria

    Graduated on M.A. course in Painting

    at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria                 

    Member of Union of Bulgarian Artists since 2012

    Member of AIAP / IAA – UNESCO

    (L’Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques / International Association of Art)


    Academic and self-expression works in various styles: still life, landscape, portrait, figural and non-figural compositions using watercolors, oil, tempera and acrylic colors. Traditional techniques of painting and experimentation by mixing different techniques together.

    Collage works with various materials: paper, textile, leather and synthetics. Applied arts experience in hand drawing and stamping of textiles (silk, linen, cotton, synthetics).

    2004 Illustrations for “Midnight insight” (book of poetry) by Ginka Dotseva

    2003 Illustrations for “Interactive multimedia ABC book” by Iglika Angelova – producer


    2013 Nominee of „Palm Art Award 2013“

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